A Curious Brute

Crows. Wild yet fiercely intelligent, shy yet savage. Notorious in legends and mythology, and associated with misfortune and death. Remarkably intriguing creatures.

Years of landscape work taught me of their prevalence. They’d appear, tauntingly, alone or in their mobs, cawing an apparent desire to be photographed. Any attempts, however, had always proved my lack of equipment, skill, and most importantly, true vision to tell their story.

But they never gave up.

Deciding to form a project, I read, watched and listened, consuming all I could, exploring and interpreting the many facts, stories and anecdotes. A Curious Brute was my response.

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A Curious Brute

Black-cloaked, keen-eyed, dishevelled scrounge
Breaks the landscaped silence with his call.

Legend’s devil’s luck, the vision of a youth, and fearless nerve to thieve,
Wingbeats prey or foe with portent ease.

Covers lifeless allies in a chorus - a funeral of sorts,
Observes and learns for murderous strength, of flight, for fight, or skill.

Poet’s lead and artist’s shape, unbroken inspiration.
With reckless flame fixation, yet striking unmatched wit. A curious brute, the crow.

David Thackwell